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noun: a standard for making a critical judgement.


the new

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we used ai to create a new standard

what we do

Yrdstck fills a gap between customized research and DIY survey platforms. We combine a collaborative and consultative ad hoc project approach with the efficiencies of an ai assisted online platform. Yrdstck uses artificial intelligence to virtually eliminate all human bias during the evaluation of open-ended survey responses. Tapping into the world’s largest database of modern dialogue, we deliver amazingly accurate insights for brands, agencies and organizations of all sizes.

the ai advantage

Looking to launch a new product? Want to change up your TV spot based on disappointing box office sales? Who does your candidate really appeal to? If you’re looking for qualitative research with the efficiencies of an online platform that can deliver insights free from human bias, you need the yrdstck ai advantage!

our story

Co-Founder Mario Montoya is a graduate of UPENN’s The Wharton School. He spent the better part of his career creating sophisticated trading strategies for Renaissance Technologies, one of the world’s leading hedge funds. With a strong passion for research and new technologies, Mario assembled a team and licensed ai technology from one of his VC firm’s portfolio companies to establish yrdstck. We are well positioned to fill the gap that exists between customized qualitative research and quantitative DIY research platforms to become an industry leader in AI assisted research.

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