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2019 Results

Best Employer in Sports


The Best Employers in Sports were selected based on anonymous surveys conducted from September 4, 2019 to October 18, 2019 among over 2,500 people currently employed at more than 500 companies within the sports industry. We developed a three-pronged approach for our measurement framework. It consists of a 10-part questionnaire, patented ai technology was used for emotional and semantic analysis on respondent’s open-ended responses, and the number of responses from each company. For the emotional and semantic analysis portion of our
methodology, we measured the number of favorable responses using Ekman’s framework of emotion, quantifying the number of responses that expressed Enjoyment about their experience with their company. Semantically, we analyzed their responses for mentions of company culture, opportunities for learning/growth, and compensation/benefits. We combined these inputs to create our final score, weighting each of the three inputs. 25% of our final ranking was based on respondent answers to the 10-part questionnaire, 25% from emotional measurement of open ended responses, 25% from semantic analysis (culture, growth, and benefits in aggregate); and 25% from volume of responses from each company. We used these scores to rank all companies, selecting the top 50 highest scoring companies for inclusion in our list.