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noun: a standard for making a critical judgement.


the new

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we used ai to create a new standard

what we do

Yrdstck, powered by Canvs uses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to eliminate human bias and bring efficiencies to the primary research process. Our mission is to develop applications that enable organizations of all shapes and sizes to use primary research to make better decisions and create new and improved products and services. Our first application enables daily online publishers to launch a successful business award within the industry they cover.

Click here to read about our recent success story helping daily online publisher, Front Office Sports launch their Best Employers in Sports award.

the ai advantage

Open-ended survey questions elicit the best insights, but traditional hand-coding of open-ended responses is time consuming, expensive and can introduce human bias. For our business awards application, the Canvs patented AI tech instantly evaluates an unlimited number of open-end responses containing unlimited amounts of modern human dialogue – even text abbreviations, slang and emojis. The application does all the heavy lifting and there is no capital expenditure, making it simple for a daily online publisher to launch a new revenue generating business award franchise and the numerous ancillary benefits it can bring to the publisher and the industry they cover.

our story

Yrdstck Co-Founder, Brian Sullivan was the Founder/CEO at MovieLoft360, a content creation & distribution company that counted major Hollywood studios and leading cable networks as clients for over 20 years. He is a partner at Windforce Ventures, a venture capital firm that owns an equity stake in Canvs. Brian’s recent experience at a leading business awards administrator that partnered with large, well-known publishers sparked the idea of using the cost efficiencies offered by the Canvs AI tech to create a business awards application so daily online publishers could also launch these important franchises. Without the cost efficiencies offered by the patented Canvs AI tech, it would not be economically feasible to conduct the independent research required to create a credible business award aimed at this end of the publishing market.

Brian Sullivan: Yrdstck Co-Founder

Brian Sullivan

Yrdstck Co-Founder, Mario Montoya is a mathematician, investor and the Founding Partner at Windforce Ventures and Windforce Capital, a quantitative hedge fund based in NYC. Prior to this, Mario was Partner at renowned quant fund Renaissance Technologies where he developed products and strategies that involved derivatives, merger arbitrage, futures and options. He also worked on exposure management and risk reduction techniques for Renaissance Technology’s Medallion Fund. Mario is a graduate of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Mathematics. Brian & Mario have been business partners for more than a decade. They’re now setting their sights on the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to disrupt traditional research models by introducing efficiencies, eliminating human bias and creating accurate and credible applications (like our business awards) that will be accessible to any size organization.

mario montoya: Yrdstck Co-Founder

Mario Montoya

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